Monday, December 13, 2010

Tips for Creating Activity Kits for Kids

By Jennifer Untermeyer

Struggling to find activities for your next family journey? Looking for creative (and quiet) ways to entertain the kids at their next visit to the Grandparents? Well designed activity kits for kids are the perfect way to keep them entertained at home, while traveling, or anytime you need some peace and quiet.

What's an activity kit? An activity kit is a collection of age appropriate items that keep kids entertained. In short - they are fun in a bag! You can create one for any need or occasion - from going to the park, eating out, travel time or even quiet time at home.

All activities - whether homemade or purchased - must have the following elements:

  • Include a wide variety of activities. To keep kids entertained, you must engage a variety of developmental skills. Be sure the kit you choose contains items that will stimulate the imagination, creativity and pretend play.

  • Not stick solely to a single theme. While your son may love dinosaurs, a bag filled with dinosaur items will not entertain for long. Instead, mix up the contents with some other fun toys such as cars or airplanes.

  • They are good quality and age-appropriate. Toys and crafts that are too difficult will lead to frustration, while things that are too easy will lead to boredom. Read the packaging and think about your child's specific skill level as you select items.

  • Packed in a bag that is appropriate to the desired use. Lunch bags are great for packing activities for a restaurant (small enough to fit on the table but large enough to contain sufficient activities); however, they may not be the best choice for a long journey or a trip to the park.

  • Every bag should be self-contained. This is especially true if including crafts. Many craft kits require extra items - be sure to pack those as well. Consider including pairs of pretend play items (2 animals or 2 figures) so that it is easier to play make believe.

A well-crafted activity kit is a mom's best friend. Keep a couple handy to pull out when you need them - for unexpected trips, play dates, eating out or even just quiet time at home.

Before you make your own activity kits for kids, visit Jenny Untermeyer's store for a selection of high quality, travel tested activity kits that are perfect for keeping kids busy in the car, on the plane, in a restaurant or anywhere you need a little quiet time. Content kids mean peace and quiet for mom and dad.

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