Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Princess Craft Projects and Kits For Girls

By Jillian Gallo

Princess craft projects and kits are my favorite girls activity. I use them at a girls birthday party or at my kitchen table on rainy or snowy days when the kids cannot go outside and play. Kids arts and crafts projects get your child's imagination flowing and you will be surprised at some of the wonderful ideas and designs they come up with.

Here you will find the descriptions of several princess crafts that come in a kit form. Of course, if you take a look at these kits you can figure out what supplies you will need to make your own kit. When I am feeling particularly crafty I gather my own supplies. When I am rushed, or find a great sale where the craft kits are cheap, I buy them. Most of these kits I am talking about come in their own individual packages, so if it makes 12 of the craft project, you will get 12 individual packages. This way you can save the extras or send them home as a party favor.

The first fun princess craft project is making a Precious Princess Photo Frame. This is a kit with enough supplies to make 12 photo frames. These pretty frames come with lots of pastel colored stickers to decorate them with. You have to add your own photos. There is a second craft kit that makes photo frames, but the second kit is made out of foam. You get shapes like princess, a crown and a castle. These are very cute and look more sturdy than the first batch. Although they look cute too.

There are some Foam Princess Hat Craft Kits. In each of these kits you will find the hennin, a tall or cone shaped hat worn in medieval times. You can hang a piece of cloth or netting that you get in the kit from it so it has a flowing look to it. It also comes with some royal stickers to decorate each hat with.

The fourth of our Princess craft project kits is a Foam Tiara kit. Again you get some foam adhesive stickers to decorate each of the tiaras with. You will get some pretty imaginative looking tiaras from some of the kids at your craft table! And your daughter and her friends will all look like real princesses when they wear these tiaras.

Here is one of my favorite craft projects. It is a Crown Sand Art kit. You get 24 crown templates. There are 6 different designs and you get four of each one. You also get packages of sand. The tops of the crowns are adhesive or you get some glue...then you color in each of the crowns using packs of colored sand. These are so much fun to make and look great when you are done. You also get lots so the fun can go on and on.

How about making a Glittering Fairy Wand? You can find a craft kit that comes with the supplies you need to make 12 magic wands. Each of the 12 kits comes with a 12" wooden dowel and star shaped foam cutouts. You will have to supply the glue to attach the stars to the wooden sticks. Add some glitter to make your wand sparkle!

There is a Renaissance Princess Jeweled Crown kit too. This bright yellow foam crown can be decorated with self adhesive jewels or lots of glitter to make them as regal as can be.

The last of the princess craft projects is the Princess Paper Dolls And Stickers Kit. You get 12 cardboard princess dolls and over 100 stickers for each doll. Use these stickers to decorate and clothe these fun paper dolls. Paper dolls used to be my favorite toy when I was a young girl, I bet your daughter will have fun with this collection too.

Check out Princess Craft Projects for kids are the heart of a girls party. Little girls will be thrilled with the Princess Party Supplies and the fun games you find, but they will really enjoy making these party craft ideas. You can also find free, printable tiara templates so you can make a tiara and printable princess coloring pages so your kids and your guests can color princesses all day!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Importance of Arts & Crafts For Preschoolers

By Heather Durham

The importance of early childhood arts education has received increased attention in recent years. Although this is good news, the majority of funding is directed to grades K-12, with preschools being largely left out.

To offset the potential lack of arts and crafts education at your child's preschool; you can incorporate art into your daily routine at home. Keep a variety of inexpensive art materials available. Crayons, finger paint, paint brushes and a variety of paper is an inexpensive way to start. Many household items, such as string, sponges, coffee filters and food items can also be incorporated into art activities. Art in early childhood education programs is an essential building block of development and bridges learning with other subject areas.

The first and easiest step to remember is: be creative! Spontaneous creative play, is what young children naturally do-singing, dancing, drawing, and role-playing. Studies have shown that the arts engage all the senses. When caregivers engage and encourage children in arts activities on a regular basis from early in life, they are laying the foundation for, and even helping wire children's brains for successful learning. When you allow your child to express themselves creatively they will achieve a sense of accomplishment.

An example of an educational preschool easy craft is making a pipe cleaner bird feeder.

Pipe Cleaner Bird Feeder

Stringing the cereal onto the pipe cleaners allows young children to practice their fine motor skills.

What you need:

  • Pipe cleaner

  • Cheerios (or similar)

Directions: Make a loop at one end of the pipe cleaner. Thread cereal on to the pipe cleaner. Leave enough space to make another loop. Hang the feeder anywhere outside.

Parents should not feel that they are not creative enough to make crafts. There are many types of crafts to make and there is something for everyone.To help get the creative juices flowing, visit Our projects are easy, educational and fun! Preschool Easy Crafts is your all-in-one stop for preschool crafts, recipes, printables and supplies.

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