Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Art Kits for Children - Simple but Expressive

Despite all the complicated high tech toys which receive so much attention, simple art kits for children remain a favorite among kids and their parents. Here are some details on types of kits and where to purchase them.

First of all kids still love to imagine and use their creativity. An art kit is a great way for kids to express themselves in a constructive and creative manner. Art kits come in a great many different types. They can include simple paint kits which might have different colors of paint, paint brushes, and paper.

Or you can find terrific art kits which contain colored markers, colored pencils, and brightly colored paper. This is a great way for your kids to doodle and create all kinds of "works of art".

Some art kits get more involved. There are many kinds of craft kits you can purchase. Some of them allow your child to create jewelry or string together colored beads into a pretty necklace or bracelet. There are also some kits which let you child complete leatherwork type projects. Maybe they want to make a wallet or even a pair of moccasins.

You can also go from simple kits to much more involved types. For example a simple paint kit can be just that – simple. Or you can add an easel and many more kids of paint, brushes, etc. to expand the kind of artwork your child can create.

Other kinds of art kits might use different kinds of paper, markers, and glued on trim like feathers, or foam. Or perhaps your child is a budding sculpture? Well then get him/her a bunch of modeling clay and tools. They can make interesting shapes and even paint them later.

If desired your child might be interested to learn how to do pottery. There are some great kits you can purchase just for these purposes.

Most of these kits and many others can be purchased from online stores which specialize in arts and crafts. The best thing to do is to Google search and investigate different sites which apply. You'll find a lot of kits to choose from in all sorts of price levels, sizes, and types. Most of them have a lot of details including pictures so you'll have a wonderful idea of what you are purchasing.

And you can also check out local arts and crafts stores or even toy stores. They carry a wide variety of art kits for children. So you'll be sure to find just what you and your child are looking for.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Craft Skills for Children

By Diane Drinkwater

Teaching children to sew is a great skill that will help them throughout their life. It can start as simple as sewing a button back on a shirt or mending a dropped hem. It's a good thing to teach children these skills from an early age. There are lots of craft kits that involve sewing and stitching that they might be interested in too. Basic cross stitch is quite simple and there are sets that are ideal for younger children too.

Once they have an interest in dolls then it's a good time to start to teach them about making dolls clothes. This is where you can really fire up their imagination. When a child is about 11 they're probably about the right age for starting to use a sewing machine. They might even be taught sewing at school.

Patterns are available online or they can learn to cut their own patterns out by looking at how their dolls existing clothes are made. It's easy to see where seams are and where fabric has been folded over. Tops are easy, trousers are simple and basic dresses are just a bit more work than a top. Adding zips takes a bit more skill so start them on easier fixings like velcro or press studs or even buttons.

The bigger a doll is, generally the easier it is to make dolls clothes. There are less tricky bits when the pattern is bigger. Even dolls like barbie can be made clothes at home. Some children learn to knit and will soon get the hang of making dolls clothes or blankets for their toys. All craft skills they learn as children will stay with them as they get older.

Once they've learn to follow proper patterns there'll be no stopping them and they will perhaps even start making their own clothes, or designing outfits for themselves.

There are lots of craft kits for children that will encourage their artistic creative talents.

All sorts of toys for children including craft sets and kits. Toys can be educational as well as fun. Top 10 Toys for for some great toy gift ideas.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kid's Craft: Make Your Child's Day

Author: David Newey

It's always a challenge to keep kids occupied during school holidays or on cold winter days when they are unable to go outside. Next time your child says "I'm bored" why not give them craft supplies. A great way to ensure you have all you need to complete the project is by buying a Craft Kit especially made with kids in mind. Kid’s craft kits offer a wide range of imaginative and creative activities for your kids.

You may gift your child a Build-a-pen-holder kit. This kit allows your child to build a pen holder in the shape of a motorbike, plane, crab, car, or a crab. Easy and safe to use, these children’s craft kits are a great way of entertaining as well as educating your child.

If your child is one of those who love modelling why not try clay or paper magiclay compunds. The Clay and PaperMagiclay can be used on it's own or you may use a rolling pin and modelling tools to create your model.

On the other hand, if your child is one of those who love drawing and painting, you may like to choose a variety of items to make up a drawing box. Craft 4 Less has everything you need for your young artist - paints, crayons, pencils, oil pastels, markers, brushes, water pots, face paints, canvas, and paper. Let their creativity and imaginations soar.

There are also foam bug kids craft kits that allow children to make foam butterfly, grasshopper, bee, and spider. Then, there are Origami kids craft kits that have everything children need to make - Artic Animals, Australian Animals, Dinosaurs and jungle animals.

In addition to these, there are paper craft kits that help children make masks, money boxes, door hangers, book marks, Kangaroos, dinosaurs, and dragons. Also, there are pom pom kits that feature everything kids need to make animals like bugs, frogs, spiders, kangaroos, and koalas out of pom pom.

For those who love making puppets, there is puppet making kits that help children make puppets out of paper, wood, or felt. Finally, the construction and collage kids craft section contains wooden craft sticks, match sticks, paper, and tissue paper to help children make crafts of different kinds.

Finding these craft items is simple and with online shopping your craft supplies order will be delivered straight to your door. One Australian Craft company with over 2000 products is Craft for Less. For more information on art and craft supplies for kids log onto

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