Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Craft Skills for Children

By Diane Drinkwater

Teaching children to sew is a great skill that will help them throughout their life. It can start as simple as sewing a button back on a shirt or mending a dropped hem. It's a good thing to teach children these skills from an early age. There are lots of craft kits that involve sewing and stitching that they might be interested in too. Basic cross stitch is quite simple and there are sets that are ideal for younger children too.

Once they have an interest in dolls then it's a good time to start to teach them about making dolls clothes. This is where you can really fire up their imagination. When a child is about 11 they're probably about the right age for starting to use a sewing machine. They might even be taught sewing at school.

Patterns are available online or they can learn to cut their own patterns out by looking at how their dolls existing clothes are made. It's easy to see where seams are and where fabric has been folded over. Tops are easy, trousers are simple and basic dresses are just a bit more work than a top. Adding zips takes a bit more skill so start them on easier fixings like velcro or press studs or even buttons.

The bigger a doll is, generally the easier it is to make dolls clothes. There are less tricky bits when the pattern is bigger. Even dolls like barbie can be made clothes at home. Some children learn to knit and will soon get the hang of making dolls clothes or blankets for their toys. All craft skills they learn as children will stay with them as they get older.

Once they've learn to follow proper patterns there'll be no stopping them and they will perhaps even start making their own clothes, or designing outfits for themselves.

There are lots of craft kits for children that will encourage their artistic creative talents.

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