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Kids Craft Kits - A Solution to Christmas Present Dilemmas

By Miranda Xavier

Christmas has become very commercial and if you have kids it can get very expensive; then after half an hour they are bored with it all. There is a solution; get Christmas presents which require input - kids craft kits are perfect to keep them occupied for longer!

If you want to guarantee that a present will be a success then you really do need to choose carefully. There are several areas which need to be considered.

1. The target age. Once your kids are over three you can pretty much ignore the target age on some toys - however, this does not apply to craft kits. The age will define the expected level of fine motor skills required for the projects included. It will also define the tools required; such as craft knives and scissors.

2. The number of projects included. It is always worth getting a craft kits which has several projects. This means that if one is damaged there is always others to work on. It also means that if there are cousins or friends over during the Christmas season, there will be enough to keep more than one child occupied.

3. What is involved in the project? This may sound bizarre, but there are some kids craft kits which require placing moulds into the cooker to help them set - as all parents are aware there is more than one thing in demand at Christmas than a mother - it is the cooker! Equally anything which has smelly chemicals is not a good idea for a winter activity.

All in the kids craft kits are a great present, but there are always pitfalls. Be extra cautious with bargains as you may find that they are old stock and that the paint has dried out, the playdo is hard and the glue is incapable of holding anything together.

If you are going to invest in crafts this Christmas then make sure that you take a little time to think about them, this will ensure that you get the correct ones and that they are a success.

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Top Ten Reasons Arts and Crafts Helps Boost a Child's Self Esteem

By Elena Neitlich

A child's self esteem is built throughout the course of childhood. Although ultimately the child develops her own perceptions of self and builds her own self esteem, reinforcement from the outside world is crucial in fortifying the child's self assessment. Appropriate responses to the child support the child's opinion of herself, "I think that I did a nice job completing this arts and crafts project." "Yes, you did a terrific job completing your arts and crafts project. I can tell by the quality of the finished piece that you really put your all into it!"

Praise just for the sake of praise isn't effective in building a child's self esteem. Kids are very insightful, especially teens, and even the most enthusiastic praise will ring hollow if it is not attached to something meaningful. "Wow, you are amazing!" "Why, what did I do?"

Creative activities such as arts and crafts provide an outstanding opportunity for adults to help bolster a child's self esteem. As the child works the observant adult has almost unlimited opportunities to point out what the child is doing well.

Top ten reasons arts and crafts helps boost a child's self esteem.

1. Arts and crafts invites the child to experiment with supplies, techniques, and directions that are often foreign and intimidating. Tackling and becoming adept at creative new tasks brings satisfaction and gratification to children of all ages.

2. Arts and crafts encourages children to push themselves to plan and finish an entire project. Children feel a great sense of accomplishment when they are responsible for completing an entire task from A to Z.

3. Arts and crafts classes produce a fertile environment for meeting and interacting with new people. It can be difficult for some children to venture beyond their comfort zones and intermingle with children they don't know. It is very flattering and a boost to self esteem for children to hit it off and work with new friends.

4. Arts and crafts classes force children to take risk and put themselves and their work "out there". It is a gamble to create something and show people because there is the possibility of receiving criticism. Children, especially teens are averse to this type of hazard. A supportive arts and crafts trainer creates an environment where children feel comfortable exposing their work. Children who learn how to tackle risk are better suited and more comfortable tackling appropriate risk as adults.

5. Arts and crafts teach open mindedness. Creative questions do not have finite answers like math or physics problems. When doing arts and crafts children learn how to explore the many different possible solutions to the problems that they face. Being imaginative and open minded allows for them to invent solutions that are exciting and inspired. Children gain the confidence to tackle many problems in creative and ingenious ways.

6. Arts and crafts aid in dispelling a child's "limiting beliefs". It is very common for children to create ideas about their own abilities that restrict their activities. Thoughts like, "I am not smart enough to do this," are destructive and chip away at their self esteem. Craft projects teach children how to change damaging preconceived notions. Children learn how much they truly are capable of and build on each experience gaining confidence with each project.

7. Arts and crafts projects illustrate to children that they can achieve success. It is good for children to discover that they can be victorious. Success feels great and inspires children to reach for more and attempt harder and harder tasks.

8. Arts and crafts allows an opportunity for children to let loose and have fun. In a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere children can explore their carefree and imaginative side. Seeing that they are multidimensional beings contributes to their overall sense of well being and a healthy sense of self.

9. Arts and crafts classes permit children to see themselves in a fresh, new light. It is important that kids have the opportunity to survey many different pursuits. Allowing kids to choose the activities that excite and delight them gives them the confidence to later pursue their own interests and eventually choose meaningful careers and pastimes.

10. Arts and crafts promote a passion for learning! Kids who have expanded their confidence through creativity and developing a healthy self esteem are curious about learning new things. The self assurance that they build doing arts and crafts overflows into all of their endeavors making for a rich and highly satisfying childhood.

Elena Neitlich is owner of Arts and Crafts Moms at If you want to follow your passion for creativity, start your own business, and have a lasting impact on kids and teens, become a certified Arts and Crafts Trainer Take the steps to make a difference in the lives of kids and in your own life.

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Benefits of Craft Kits

By Kara Kelso

Craft kits make a great activity for kids of all ages. But did you know how beneficial they can really be? Not only do they keep kids occupied and allow you to spend family time, but the benefits over craft kits can out weigh basic crafts by quite a bit. Before you jump into your next craft, be sure to read the following.

1. Save Money

A craft kit comes with just enough supplies for the craft you are making. No wasted leftovers, and no buying large amounts of items you may or may not use again.

2. Save Time

Instead of searching everywhere for supplies, you save time just buying one kit with everything you need. Some kits even include basic items like the glue, crayons, etc.

3. Better Finished Product

As great as our imagination can be, sometimes having already made pieces can make a better product. This makes it much easier to make crafts for gifts for others that they will love.

Craft kits can be found in lots of different places, but be sure to see our website for our top picks. Craft kits aren't as expensive as you may think, and a few dollars can make a lot of crafts! For example, our favorite place to buy craft kits offers packs of kits that make more than one of the same craft. Which is great for gifts, activities at birthday parties, or rainy day fun with friends. This particular site also has fantastic prices on their crafts, making it easy to buy several different kits at a time.

Have fun!

Kara Kelso is the mother of two and owner of Idea Queen, a resource site for parents. Be sure to visit Idea Queen for suggestions on craft kits for kids.

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